Tiny Fur Baby
Potty Training Help

Having a new puppy is an exciting, yet difficult time. The dog Potty
Patch is a great way to make this process easier. House training
your puppy can be a downside, but if done initially with the Potty
Patch you have the best chance of a successful training experience.
The Potty Patch is a great way to house train a dog.

To begin with, it’s important to know that your puppy will most likely
always go to the bathroom in the house in the same place. You
shouldn’t scold him - he doesn’t know any better. That’s why you
have the Potty Patch! When you find out where your dog is starting
to go every day you can put the patch there. When the dog relieves
him/herself, make sure you praise him/her so that he/she knows
that it’s the right thing to do.

Familiarizing yourself with signs that your dog has to go is the first
critical step in training them. This is why it is ideal to be able to
spend uninterrupted time with your puppy at first. Being able to
watch them constantly is important in both recognizing the signs
and catching them in the act allowing you to dissuade them if they
try to go in the wrong place. Some basic indicators that your puppy
has to go are returning to an already used location, showing signs
of restlessness and sniffing the floor as they scan around for a
place to go. Since these signs are a bit vague and can be difficult
to distinguish from normal behavior at first, it is helpful to
understand how often and when your puppy may go potty.
Generally, within a half hour after eating your puppy will have to go.
The same goes for playing and sleeping. In short, it is after eating,
waking up or running around that you can expect within fifteen
minutes to a half hour your puppy will have to go potty.

If you do recognize that your puppy has to go potty you should use
your one or two word commands to indicate you are aware they
need to go. This helps them develop their regiment and also helps
them understand that you have rules that govern where they ought
to go when they need to go. Other important things to consider are
the manner and type of praise for going in the right place. Again,
you should express enthusiasm when your puppy goes potty in the
right area and can reinforce the approval with a treat and good
neck scratch, belly rub or whatever you prefer to show praise and
love. Remember NOT to scare or jolt your puppy accidentally while
they are going. You can clap, smile, woo and aww as much as you
want after they are done but you don’t want to scare them during
the act and accidentally dissuade the appropriate behavior. Wait till
they are done to do your praising.

Consider having a special treat specifically designated for Potty
Patch success. While treats are used for all sorts of training – one
very important one to pack some punch is a special taste they
specifically associate with going to relive themselves in the right
place on the right surface (your Potty Patch).

Good luck with your new puppy and remember I am always
available for questions.