Puppies come with Registration Papers, Health Records,
Health Guarantee, First Puppy Vaccination, Vitamins,
and a small bag of  Puppy Food.
The adult sizes of the puppies are an estimate based on birth weight, parent size, and the size
of previous puppies.
Your puppy could be larger or smaller than the estimate.  
However, I am usually very accurate.

Pomeranian boys are very attached to their family or person.  They
tend to be more loyal, reliable and less moody.  They are more
behaved children. Boys are fun loving their whole life.
We finally picked up our little fur
baby January 26th! Cherie has
answered all my questions, and
even sent pictures until he was
ready to come home. He is the
sweetest little Pomeranian
and we couldn’t be happier!

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Pomeranian Puppies

Next Pomeranian litter due September 18th
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